The Spot TV LIVE! 11/20/2016 in Houston, TX!

March Forth Productions presents:
The Spot TV LIVE!!!
Sunday, November 20th at 5pm
spottv-live1_qp-01b spottv-live1_qp-02b
Comedian Ali Siddiq
Hip-hop recording artist & designer King Jawz
Hosted by Ludi
DJ Younique in the mix

Bodega Sole Lounge
4812 Almeda Rd
Houston, TX  77004
$5 pre sale tickets via:
$10 at the door & $15 for couples
For more information call 832.368.3863

Click the link below to view commercial:
The Spot TV LIVE! 11/20/2016 in Houston, TX!

Get to know Island Stage!

Meet Island Stage! If you didn’t know by now, I’m Caribbean. I used to host a Caribbean radio & tv show in Houston, TX. A few years back I got a phone call from a woman, Susan Underwood, (who would later become very special to me) about interviewing her artist. I love talking, so of course it was not a problem! Susan and I share so much in common & she’s become more like a big sister to me!☺Her company Island Stage is a great platform for not only Caribbean recording artists, but artists & innovators from all over! Island Stage recently hooked up w/ visual artist Nicholas Da Silva to form KINDAH. The cover artwork draws you (no pun here) to the music! Check out the bios below & visit the site to hear for yourself how this world can be a likkle KINDAH! yuh dun kno! Lol


“Island Stage is a company that captures the nuances of Caribbean life as well as providing creative content and intellectual property through synergistic partnerships worldwide. Island Stage will be consistently informative and witty making the company innovative, informative and entertaining”.- Susan Underwood Founder/Creative Director- Island Stage.

The company teamed up with Nicholas Da Silva, Founder and Creative Director of Dread & Alive & Zoolook Records to work on a new music collective called KINDAH. Together, Susan and Nicholas provide a very well developed platform to showcase music and culture. A child friendly reggae compilation was released November 1, 2011 and Volume 2, KINDAH South America released in February 2012. Vol. 3 is releasing in May 2012 and will be a dancehall collection. In August of 2012, we will release a conscious roots reggae collective, KINDAH Vol.4, in celebration of Jamaica’s 50th independence.

This on-going music collective is designed to uplift the community through music as well as provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their music!! See the KINDAH tab on the Home page for links. To submit music for consideration, please use the contact form.

Island Stage is a celebration of the Caribbean’s unique influences and culture. With its projected high visibility, Island Stage is intended to uplift and enhance the worldwide image of the Caribbean, by showcasing – the culture, music, and lifestyle.




Get to know La Forest Gray!


Check out La Forest Gray! Not many people believe my last name is Muse! I ‘met’ him trough Facebook & he sent me this poem! Check it out & read his bio & see some of his artwork! He’s a rare artist of a kind!

My Muse
She & I was fening for our “Love Jones,” fix trying to figure out ”What Dreams May Come” from the start of our passionate thoughts. I personal, loved to look at her and imagined how sweet her “Brown Sugar” must be and knew that if I ever got to know her on such an intimate level, that I would be hooked & she would have my mind, body & soul on instant return as a “Boomerang”.

“Like Water for Chocolate” I wanted to be written over & over & over into the memories of “The Notebook” of her lifetime memories. Minutes turned into hours, hours into days, days into nights, followed by months & years, which became both our goal of “For Ever After’.

Both of our “Untamed Heart’s” were filled with what our original mother & father (Adam & Eve) must have felt in the garden, after the 1st bite of that delicious apple, which was the “Original Sin”, but still I desired the gorgeous “Woman on Top” of the mountain that I was willing to climb, and I knew that she was my blessing as we talked & took out time, for only “Fools Rush In”.

This is my dedication to my Muse.

La Forest Dorian Gray

1.) Exec Producer/Producer
2.) Engineer
3.) Composer
4.) Arranger
5.) Songwriter
6.) Vocal Coach

Milwaukee native, La Forest Gray had a passion for music at an early age and today that passion still remains. He loved the guitar, listening to music and never wanted to turn it off. Not realizing that being creative completely described him, and becoming a poet, producer, engineer, songwriter, and CEO was his destiny set in stone. “Where I am today feels great and I am so grateful to GOD. I often think of my grandmother and how often I was told I would do something great,” says La Forest.

Creative people are often deep thinkers. La Forest is no different and he put his thoughts on paper and produced good poetry. The more he read, traveled and experienced his poetry evolved, and incredible thought revoking words were in the minds of anyone that listened. In early 2005, at the historic jazz club in Washington, D.C., Tacoma Station, friend, Wes Felton introduced him to Raheem DeVaughn, Eric Roberson and K’ Alyn. They listened to this poetic genius, and their encouragement was just another chapter in his life. “They were really feeling what I was doing and said I should put my thoughts to music,” says Gray.

In April 2005 I purchased a keyboard, and with my poetry writing skills, I put my thoughts to music and later, songs that some say, is music to their ears, was created in my studio in El Paso, Texas. At the beginning stages of writing music, he met Oscar Crawford, CEO of Hummingbird Productions, and independent film company in Scottsdale, AZ and later, dynamic producers, G-Banga (George Lewis) All-Star (Carlton Johnson), and Volatile, (Chris Collins).

La Forest comes from humble beginnings and he wants to do for others, what has been done for him. He understands business and did not want to create just a record label, so in 2005 he created two companies, with his production company at the helm. Named after his son and daughters, who are dear to his heart, La La Productions, LLC is the parent company and 720º is the label. 720º has it’s own distribution will release some of the most influential artists of our time, along with Film/Animation projects will include directing, producing and scoring and will be the core of La Le and music from 720º artists will compliment some of the films.

Innovative artists such as, Vir2oso, Fabo, Swagg Bros., N.E.J.P., Luis del Villa, Bryce Reed, Claudette Monet, Melanie Durrant, Anastasia, and T. La Var will take you places that will musically engulf your soul and poet(s) extraordinaire, Future the Poet and Osmosis will have you thinking about everything from A to Z with their metaphoric delivery. “Life is a full circle and GOD has walked by my side every step of the way. 720º is something deep to me and it is a reflection of my label. 720º represents 360º two times and there are 72 Hebrew names of GOD. How thought-provoking is that?” replies La Forest.


La Forest Gray
(407) 765-9438