The Spot TV LIVE! 11/20/2016 in Houston, TX!

March Forth Productions presents:
The Spot TV LIVE!!!
Sunday, November 20th at 5pm
spottv-live1_qp-01b spottv-live1_qp-02b
Comedian Ali Siddiq
Hip-hop recording artist & designer King Jawz
Hosted by Ludi
DJ Younique in the mix

Bodega Sole Lounge
4812 Almeda Rd
Houston, TX  77004
$5 pre sale tickets via:
$10 at the door & $15 for couples
For more information call 832.368.3863

Click the link below to view commercial:
The Spot TV LIVE! 11/20/2016 in Houston, TX!

HOUSTON, TX: Professor Griff – September 16th & 17th!

Sirius Mindz Productions & March Forth Productions present:

“Eat, Meet & Greet”  
Cool Runnings Jamaican Bar & Grill
8270 W Bellfort Blvd
Houston, TX 77071
Friday September 16, 2016
Free Entry!!!




“Musicology: Mu-sick, Money, Madness, Mayhem, Murder & the original Mutha F#&^A” Keynote speaker Professor Griff Of Public Enemy
Shape Community 
3903 Almeda Rd.
Houston, TX 77004 
Saturday September 17, 2016
Doors open @ 3:30pm
Lecture begins @ 4pm
$15 in advance ( PayPal)
$20 @ door

Chicago! Musicology: Mu-sick, Money, Madness, Mayham & Murder Keynote speaker Professor Griff Of Public Enemy

Sirius Mindz Productions & March Forth Productions present:

“Mu-sick, Money, Madness, Mayham & Murder”
Keynote speaker Professor Griff Of Public Enemy

Event details:

         Sunday 6/12/2016

 Victory Multiplex

  10441 S Racine Ave
                   Chicago, IL 60643

Time:        Doors open at 3:30 pm
                  Lecture begins at 4 pm

Cost:        $15 in advance (PayPal & $20 at door

Vending Space available @ $40. Email:



Hosted by Professor Griff

Professor Griff is a cultural entertainment analyst, internationally renowned educator, writer, producer, musician, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recording artist, lecturer, co-founding member of the pioneering and revolutionary Hip Hop group Public Enemy and owner/host of Nmemindz Radio. Sirius Mindz Radio is a platform to address the complex issues of today affecting the human family. A solution think approach to tackling confusing and complex issues through the lens of Hip Hop.

Professor Griff

The Spot TV’s Kickstarter Campaign!

Hey guys! I started a Kickstarter campaign for my TV show! Anyone who knows me knows this show is my passion! Click the link below to support! ❤ thank you in advance! Spread the word!

A Blast From The Past! I Always Knew My Calling!

When I was about twelve years old and in the seventh grade, my class took a field trip to a broadcasting studio where we would film a fake news broadcast. I remember this day like it was yesterday. Everyone who went up to film their video, read their lines in the same dull, monotone voice. I had a plan and I didn’t tell a soul! I decided that when it was my groups turn, I’d read my lines in a British accent. So I did! When I started, I caught everyone in the audience off guard and they laughed. Their laughter made be laugh, but I recovered because I wanted my tape to be good. I wanted to stand out. I always knew I wanted to be an actress, but I never even fathomed becoming a celebrity correspondent. This video was a great pick me up! Check out my bangs, the way the boys read, and the girl who attempted an accent! HA!

Enjoy! 🙂

Looking at this video today, makes me realize that when you focus on something, subconsciously it stays in your mind. Even if you walk away from something for awhile, it’s always there. This video was a reminder for me to continue on my own path and follow my dreams. Some goals aren’t always easy, but when you find your passion, stay on the course and you will find a way to make that dream a reality!

Please excuse the quality and sound of this video. The footage was retrieved from a VHS!