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Meet Hunter! I’m always on the lookout for new music & love when I come across dope artists! I found Hunter through my good friend Jacque M., whom you guys met a while back…Reading Hunter’s bio, I see she’s compared to Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and some other neo-soul artists. While those are great comparisons, I have to disagree. I hear a unique, distinct, fresh, dopeness that is very refreshing & different! Not only does this young lady have a beautiful voice, but she can flow! I love a versatile artist, it’s all about creativity. When I checked out Hunter’s EPK on REVERBNATION, I got a chance to hear some of her music & songs she’s collaborated on. One of my faves is Liquid Lullaby. Maybe it’s my love of house music from Chi-town…but it’s funky! Hunter is what the industry is missing & I can see her making a name for herself with what her lyrics & voice has to offer! Check out her bio below & link to her video My Shoes!

Hunter is kicking down doors and making waves as one of the newest and freshest Femcee/Singer/Songwriters on the Dallas Hip-Hop Scene. Provided with the brilliant and unique music of her brother and producer, C.J., she writes her own lyrics, sings and delivers her own rap verses while exposing her passionate love affair with melody. Riding the buzz from the release of the smash single “My Shoes”, Hunter released her freshman project titled, “Same Love, Different Day” in January of 2012. You can find articles with reviews by Googling the title.

Hunter has blessed the Mic and recorded songs with Dallas artists such as Que P, Alsace Carcione, A.Dd+, Blak, Erreon Lee, The Jett Show, the talented group of artists on the PAEME roster, and other DFDub Heavy Hitters. A recent project includes “Beneath the Above” with Dallas great Hologram Dagger in conjunction with a choir of other artists, DJ’s, musicians, and bright souls. She is also working on projects with her soul brother, confidant, and friend Brenian Swift (a Lyrical mad science genius). Creating with DJ Night Nurse, she delivers a mixture of digital dub-steptastic funk while creating images that pierce your being with sounds. Hunter performs digital sets and uses a live band to bring her experience to life, understanding the impact that live music has on the senses and the soul. Her current band mates include Stephanie “VKyez” Riesdorph, Derrick Valure (Bass), TJ Hearne(Drums) & Julian Ayacannoo (Sax/Bass). She’s performed with bands such as Deaf2Radio, One Nite Stand, and the jazz band Amp Trio in recent times.

A new breed of artist, if you will, Hunter also somehow manages her own business through her independent label One Face Entertainment. She has graced the stage at House of Blues, Trees Dallas, Gilley’s (The Palladium), Life in Deep Ellum, Curtain Club, Club Dada, Zubar, The Green Elephant, Prophet Bar, 2826 Arnetic, and many of the other noteworthy venues in the Dallas area.
Though there are a few comparisons to the Badu’s, Lauryn Hill’s, and Missy Elliot’s of the world due to her ability to both rap and sing, Hunter is carving her own path and is certainly in her own lane. Don’t sleep on Hunter. A mother, a lover, a sister, and your best friend, her goal is to simply Be, with no apologies. Share Love & Brightly, let her light shine.


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  1. WOW! Thank you so much! Artists don’t realize how much it means for bloggers to take time out to both listen to their music and write a review. Thank you for dedicating some of your moments to me. Whoo whoop! 😀

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